Bubble / Foam Sandwiched Aluminum Foil Heat Insulation Sheet Bubble / Foam Sandwiched Aluminum Foil Heat Insulation Sheet

New thermal insulation material, light and soft, easy to install. Its structure is aluminum foil and polyethylene, processed by special machinery. It is odorless and non-toxic. On the one hand, it has good insulation, heat reflection, heat insulation and anti-radiation functions. On the other hand, it can play a good role in moisture-proofing in housing construction applications (roofs, walls, floors) through its material characteristics. The function of thermal insulation and energy saving is to protect walls and resist sudden rise and fall in temperature.

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Basic Information

Item Single or Double Sided Reflective Heat Insulation Foil
Thickness 4mm--7mm
Size 1.2*40m/roll, customized
Sample Freem Stock Sample Avaliable
MOQ 3000sqm
Package PE Bag
Bubble Diameter 3-15mm
Weight 100~230gsm
Usage Transportation Protection, Temperature Maintenance, Duct Insulation, Floor Insulation, Foof Insulation
HS Code 39232100

Product Description

Heat Barrier Aluminum Foil EPE / XPE Foam Roof Heat Insulation Material for House Roof Single or Double Sided Reflective Foam Insulation


Besides widely used in thermal insulation of roof building, with good thermal insulation performance,it can also be made into a heat preservation cover with good heat sealing performance.

Foam Insulation is a thin insulation that works by creating highly reflective airspaces. It can be used in Domestic Shed, Commercial and Horticultural building applications.


Our foam foil insulation is light weight, easy to handle rolls that will not blow away or break up in the wind.

Foam foil insulation have a wide used in daily life, provides cost effective, high efficiency performance.

Thermal insulation material is versatile in use for residential, commercial and agriculture such as covers

the roofs, ceilings, crawl spaces, wall and attics and even utilize for packaging purposes.


1) 1 layer of polyethylene EPE / XPE foam that is sandwiched between two aluminum foils, low emissivity surfaces.
2) The polyethylene encapsulated air bubbles serve as an effective thermal break as well as a vapor barrier while the two outer surfaces reflect up to 97% of all radiant energy.



  • Environmental protection, soft and lightweight
  • No odor and toxicity, environmentally- friendly,energy-saving ;
  • Cuts and installs easier than fiber glass;
  • Cost-effective;
  • In most cases Easy & quicker to install than traditional fibre products
  • Keep warm in winter, hold cool in summer
  • Reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat
  • Compliance with the latest insulation standards
  • Heat preservation and energy saving
  • Excellent fire properties



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