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A variety of delicious finger foods, freshly prepared side dishes and specialty snacks are easily available when using food paper trays. Flexible in design and use, the food paper tray is ideal for serving french fries, chicken tenders and other popular fried items or cold items such as vegetables, fruit and pasta salads. These paper trays are easy to throw away after your event and are perfect for any concession stand or picnic.

Features of disposable paper trays for food

The clay coating on the inside of the tray provides a grease-proof barrier that contains moisture, oil and other elements, eliminating the need for tray liners. They are made up of cardboard, solid and folding material. The printed paper food trays keep your product safe and healthy. Furthermore, it also provides careful protection during the shipment of the products.

Disposable paper food trays manufacturer

As a reliable food paper tray supplier base in China, we have the option to put your custom logo and plans into your food printed trays to attract your customers and spread your brand easily.

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