Blister Clamshell

Blister clamshell is commonly used for packaging food products, electronic devices products, cosmetic and more. Most clamshell blister packaging undergoes specific sealing processes that make them tamper-resistant and prevent package pilferage. There are three packaging styles of clamshell blisters at HPP, face-seal, foldable and slide, we also support custom service for your application.

Three Main Advantages Of Clamshell Blister Packaging 

1. save the labor time to assemble the inside products. 

2. Transparent material presents the inside products clearly and prevent the inside products moving.

3. Lower budget than box packaging.

Reliable Blister Tray Manufacturer

As an experienced plastic manufacturer based in china, we provide all types and materials of plastic packaging products. Besides blister clamshell, we also provide other kinds of plasic packaging box, there are some samples of Blister Tray and ESD Tray. Browse all the types of plastic packaging boxes to consider what types you need.

Face Seal Blister
SKU#: 666-13

Face Seal Blister

Edgefold Sliding Blister
SKU#: 666-321054

Edgefold Sliding Blister

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