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Why choose Cardboard Display Boxes in Retail?

As the display rules in stores become more and more strict, the problem of product packaging homogenization is serious. How to make products stand out from the same category has become a strategic issue for enterprises.

The cardboard display boxes intuitively display the goods and meet the requirements of consumers in terms of vision, touch, smell, taste, etc., Custom printed cardboard display boxes help increase the user experience, improve the advertising effect and can attract consumers' attention.

Cardboard display boxes gives you a lot of freedom to attempt distinctive innovative methodologies without the cost of fixed showcases. Display boxes are generally obliging and roomy that have the ability to convey numerous bits of items. Retail display boxes can show your items in style with the assistance of these presentation boxes. 

Paper Materials of Cardboard Display Boxes

Eco-friendly kraft,  corrugated,  cardstock, art paper, ivory board are optional.

Advantages of Cardboard Display Boxes

1. Cost-effective

2. Lightweight

3. Fresh creative

4. Perfect for ready for retail packaging

5. Easy for retailers to assemble

6. Can be recycled

7. Can be customized to suit product packaging

8. Best for introducing new products

Custom Cardboard Display Design and Manufacturing Service

As a professional cardboard display boxes supplier in china, HPP is committed to providing customers with personalized customized cardboard packaging box design solutions, improving product display and marketing effects, and bringing new brands and value growth to customers. Custom cardboard display box can be bent, cut, and shaped to create any configuration via AutoCAD design. You can add labels – add a design or promotional stickers to re-energize your promotion.

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