Jigsaw puzzles are a popular intellectual game with many variations and varying levels of difficulty. Jigsaw puzzle is a great pastime that can be both relaxing and challenging. You can have fun experimenting with different methods for puzzle.

As a custom puzzle manufacturer in china, we have more than 30 years of experience, we specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality custom printed puzzles. We provide high-quality customized puzzles at wholesale prices for gaming companies, retail, commercial sectors and corporations for entertainment or marketing promotion purposes. With custom design puzzles, you can promote your brand, product or service. Once the customers get your customized puzzles, they will remember your company and brand several times when use the puzzles. Since becoming a professional jigsaw manufacturer, we have created millions of jigsaw puzzles for major brands. We are proud to be one of the top puzzle manufacturers in china and the perfect partner for all your puzzle needs. 

Making process of jigsaw puzzle

Most of the puzzles are made of cardboard, the pattern of the puzzle is an entire fine art print that is pasted on the surface of the cardboard before cutting. The content of the picture can be an enlarged photograph, painting, or other types of graphic art. The cardboard after sticking will be sent to a special imprinting machine, which is equipped with a steel cutting tool group combined according to a predetermined pattern. After the cardboard is punched by the machine tool, it will be cut into pieces by the cutting tool group.

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