Laser Cut Label

What is a laser cut label?

Laser die cutting is a new technology uses a high-speed laser beam to control the edge and shape of the label. You can cut the label into any imaginable shape and make the shape of the label as well as the logo and color part of the product branding.

Applications of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting can be used for knitting and printing labels and is also great for custom zipper pullers, embroidery, printed patches, even hangtags or just adding details to your labels.

Advantages of Laser Cut Labels

The extreme accuracy and clean cut laser cutting helps your labels without fraying and distortion.

1. Customize your shape

2.  High flexibility in profile selection

3. Add influence to your brand

4. Cost-effective

Custom Laser Cut Labels Service

As one of experienced laser cut label suppliers in china, we have cooperated with global customers for decades and understand the different standards in different countries. If you're interested in creating a label and would like to add details on a laser cut edg, contact us so we can help you create a great design for your brand. 

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