Hang Tag

Hang tags are generally made of paper and are often attached to the product by means of strings, wires or plastic connectors. Hang tags are generally used to display important information about products, including brand, price, product material, washing method  and other valuable information.


Hang tags are one of the innovative, creative and fun ways to introduce your brand and gain brand recognition. Although the clothing hang tag is small, it is a link between the brand and consumers. Hang tags vary in many shapes such as long strips, half-folds, rounds, triangles, pockets and other special shapes.


A clothing tag is like a small print advertisement, which has a positive effect on improving and protecting the reputation of clothing companies and promoting products. The design, printing and production of clothing tags must be very particular, so as to produce better brand effects for consumers.


HPP is a reliable custom hang tag manufacturer in china, we provide professional hang tag design and print service. See the samples of clothing hang tag for sale below and contact our expert to make your ideal hang tag style.

Hang Tag

Hang Tag

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