Anti-glare Thermal Box Liner Anti-glare Thermal Box Liner

Waterproof Foil Thermal Box Liner

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Product Description

Warranty Service: 1 Year

After-sales Service: Online Technical Support

Engineering Solution Capability: Others

Application Scenario: Apartment

Design Style: Modern

Place Of Origin: China

Variety: Aluminum Silicate Products

Material: Aluminum

Color: Silver

Size: Customized

Sealing & Handle: Adhesive Seal

Structure: Foil/Bubble/Foil

Logo: Customize

Function: Cold Chain Transportation

Thickness: 4mm/8mm

Feature: Recyclable


Anti-glare Thermal Box Liner


Enhance the safety and freshness of your frozen foods during transit with our innovative Waterproof Foil Thermal Box Liner. Designed for efficiency, each liner combines the reflective properties of aluminum foil with the cushioning of bubble lining, creating an insulative shield that's both effective and user-friendly. Whether you're shipping perishable food items or sensitive medical supplies, these Insulated Box Liners offer robust protection against breakage while ensuring your products remain at an optimal temperature. Their versatility allows them to fit seamlessly into any box or carton, making them a waterproof, leak-proof, and tear-resistant solution for your logistical needs.

Crafted from materials that strike the perfect balance between quality and cost-effectiveness, these Thermal Insulated Box Liner are not just a practical choice—they're also an economical investment in your business's shipping and handling excellence.

Tailor-made for businesses seeking a reliable method to transport goods without compromising on quality, our liners echo the functionality and benefits sought after in products like the Aluminium Foil Thermal Lunch Bag, Reflective Thermal Lunch Bag, and Foil Thermal Food Bag. Elevate your shipping standards with our solution, designed to keep your items fresh and intact from departure to destination.




Q1: What types of packaging materials does your company mainly produce?

A:We specialize in producing a variety of customized packaging materials, including but not limited to cartons, plastic packaging, foam packaging and metal packaging, etc. to meet the needs of different industries and customers. 

Q2: Can you provide customized service?

A:Yes, we provide comprehensive customization services, including material selection, size customization, printing design and special function addition, etc. to ensure that your unique needs are met. 

Q3: How to get samples? 

You can request samples through our sales team. Sample fees and shipping costs will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The sample cost and shipping fee will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The sample cost can be used as a credit after the official order is confirmed. 

Q4: How can I contact you for customized consultation or placing an order? 

You can contact us through Alibaba International Site's online customer service, email or phone. Our sales team will reply your inquiry within 24 hours. 

Q5.What else products can we can support?
*Insulated Bubble Foil;
*Insulated Foam Foil;
*Insulated Laminated Foil;
*Heat Insulated Packaging,
*Insulated packaging products and so on.


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