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ESD tray is also known as anti-static tray and is commonly used on packaging electronic accessories. ESD trays are ideal for electronic parts circuit boards, PCBs, PCBA storage, safe transportation and organization. The ESD trays provide critical protection to sensitive electronic components by preventing ESD damage during shipping. Anti-static trays are also used to store small medical equipment and parts, and are also widely used in the food industry for packaging, transporting and storing fruit, baked goods, cakes, cheese, meat products, and more.At the same time some types of cosmetics are also packaged, stored and transported in ESD trays.

Benefits of ESD Trays

1. Advanced with low density, light weight and easy to shape.

2. Corrosion, acid and oil resistant with good mechanical strength.

3. Transparent or support custom colours.


HPP is a professional ESD tray manufacturer in china, providing one-stop service including ESD tray design, processing and mass production. You can get a clear view of every step and ensure that every custom anti-static tray comes at an affordable price with low tooling costs. If you are committed to protecting the integrity of electronic components, consider using an antistatic tray.

ESD Bubble Bag
SKU#: HPP-9000

ESD Bubble Bag

ESD Tray
SKU#: 666-8712

ESD Tray

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