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Adhesive sticker are one of the most common labels in our daily life. Self-adhesive stickers are generally used to identify goods, such as barcode labels, laser fake labels, color labels, etc. The most common adhesive stickers are supermarket labels (mall labels), logistics labels (barcode labels for product boxes), food labels and more. Custom self-adhesive labels are the most popular labeling solution for brands and products.

Basic Structure Of Self-adhesive Labels

1. Surface material with information and/or decoration printed on it.

2. Adhesive that allows the label to be attached to the surface.

3. Backing paper.

Advantages of Adhesive Labels

  • Adhesive labels have an excellent printed surface and good adhesion, are easy to peel off, and can be easily applied by hand or by machine.
  • Self-adhesive labels are durable and can withstand harsh atmospheric conditions.
  • Adhesive label surface printing with flexible configurations including foils, textured finishes, embossed effects, and more.

Adhesive Sticker Labels Manufacturer and Supplier in China 

As a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive stickers in China, we focus on the entire field of self-adhesive technology and can produce self-adhesive labels for various label applications. We have five local factories in Shenzhen, China. Each factory owns several advanced machineries which cost hundreds millions in total and over hundreds employees.  All the factories were established since 1990s, more than 30 years experience on manufacture and export. We have being manufacture million types of products to our customers and our annual sale is more than 300 millions.

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