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Temporary tattoo sticker is commonly used for decorating the body. The tattoo stickers achieve absolute fidelity to the original design. Tattoo sticker makes a fun and unique addition to any occasion or promotional event.  Compared with the pain to the body traditional tattoos bring, temporary tattoo sticker is easier to be accepted by everyone. The process technology of tattoo stickers is water transfer technology. The material of temporary tattoo sticker is mainly composed of water transfer paper, environmentally friendly ink, glue and lamination. After printing the finished product, the pattern on the bottom paper can be transferred to the skin or other items with a small amount of water. 

Advantages of Temporary tattoo sticker

  • Simple and convenient to use
  • Easy to change the pattern frequently
  • No obvious damage to the skin
  • Dust/waterre sistant and last for a long period
  • Fashion colors and patterns
  • Support wholesale and custom design

Tattoo Sticker Manufacturer In China

As a professional tattoo sticker manufacturer and supplier in china, HPP supplys all kinds of flash tattoo stickers, cartoon tattoo stickers and tattoo stickers. All tattoo stickers we manufacture are tested annually to ensure they comply with regulations and requirements.  We own 5 factories and 500+ employees, we can provide 24 hours online service. We also support wholesale custom services and can make your ideal tattoo stickers image into reality.

Tattoo stickers for sale

Tattoo Sticker
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Tattoo Sticker

Nail Sticker
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Nail Sticker

Rub on Stickers
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Rub on Stickers

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