Blister Tray

Plastic blister tray is a type of special pre-form plastic packaging widely used in the packaging of food, consumer goods and others. The blister tray is also called a plastic inner tray. The plastic hard sheet is made into plastic with a specific groove by the blister process, and the product is placed in the groove to protect and beautify the product.

Blister tray manufacturer

We are a professional plastic blister tray packaging supplier in the field and we support personality design. According to the shape, structure and weight of the item, you can choose the suitable tray packaging for the strength. The thickness of the material used for blister tray is also different. Generally, the transparent plastic tray is more commonly used in packaging, and other colors can be selected according to individual needs. Besides blister trays, we also provide ESD trays mainly for electronic products protection.

Advantages for blister tray

1. Protect the inside products during transportation.

2. Help in maintaining the freshness of your product.

3. Packaged products is transparent and visible to customers.

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