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Silicone Heat Transfer Labels for Fashion Brands

Silicone labels also known as durable and flexible rubber labes, are widely used with their durability, longevity and color stability. Silicone labels are perfect for jeans, jackets, bags, footwear and other accessories. We can enhance your brand by adding color and from embossed or raised details upon your request. 

Features of Cutom Silicone Heat Transfer Labels

1. Soft and light, the surface can be flate or 3D
2. The silicone label has weather resistance
3. Can be customized to match your brand color
4. Can be cut, resized and shaped to your exact specifications
5. Anti-scratch, waterproof and easy to remove

Silicone Label Manufacturer

As a professional silicone label manufacturer in China, we produce custom silicone heat transfer labels with logo printed for fashion brands to enhance brand image. Our company has 5 factories and more than 500 employees, we can provide 7 x 24 attentive services and quick turnaround time.

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