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Food packaging containers can be seen everywhere. While protecting food from contamination and damage, the food packaging box also enhances the consumer shopping experience. Diners will remember your brand and generate buybacks through food packaging container while enjoying the delicious food. As a top custom food packaging container supplier, HPP has over 20 years of experience in providing packaging solutions for food manufacturers and brand owners to help them succeed in the marketplace. 

Options of custom food packaging containers

We make custom containers for any food packaging applications, we support all types of custom services as following:

1. Color
2. Design
3. Thickness
4. Measurement

Materials of custom food packaging containers 

1. Paper food packaging materials includes karft paper, paper cardboard, coated paper, and more.

2. Plastic food  packaging materials includes PVC, PE, PS, PP, PET, etc...

Types of food packaging box

  • Bags:Food bags are used to prevent the food from the air and environment. 
  • Boxes: Food boxes are one of the most common types of food packaging, and keep food resistant to damage.
  • Cartons: Food cartons are made of corrugated cardboard, prevent food from damp.
  • Trays: Food trays is a flat, thick cardboard material with raised edges to keep food in containers.


These materials are matched with a full range of adhesives to suit even the toughest application environment, including moisture and extreme temperature demands. Our team of packaging experts can help you select the best material to suit your specific needs. We also have an extensive selection of embellishments such as text printings, design pattern printings, texture printings, silver stamping, hole punching, etc... to ensure that your products stand out.


HPP is one of  reliable custom food packaging container suppliers in China, we provides one-stop food packaging soltuions for you. We cover a full range of food packaging boxes, including fruits, snacks, fast food, cakes and more. Search the samples of food packaging containers for sale below and inquiry now!

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