Creative Stationery Packaging Increases the Fun of Study

Stationery includes student stationery, office stationery, gift stationery, etc. A creative stationery box packaging will bring more interest and attention to stationery. HPP, as an experienced stationery box packaging supplier, provides a variety of custom packaging boxes specifically for the stationery market, including stationery boxes, envelopes, puzzles, transparent bags, etc. All the custom stationery packaging boxes are made of high-quality paper or plastic. Our creative stationery packaging boxes are 100% recyclable and available in a variety of colors or completely transparent.

Professional Stationery Packaging Boxes Manufacturer for You

HPP is a top stationery packaging boxes manufacturer in china with over 20 years of experience, our team of packaging experts can help you select the best material to suit your specific needs. Our range of stationery packaging includes kraft paper, paper cardboard, coated paper, and more. Our range of stationery packaging plastic materials includes PVC, PE, PS, PP, PET, etc., All the stationery packaging materials are matched with a full range of adhesives to suit even the toughest application environment, including moisture and extreme temperature demands.

Custom Stationery Box Packaging Service

At HPP, your options for style, material, construction, color and graphics are endless. Everything we do is customized for you and your product. We have an extensive selection of embellishments to ensure that your stationery stands out. We offer different techniques, such as text printings, design pattern printings, texture printings, silver stamping, hole punching, etc., You can have the perfect size box to keep the style of different stationery and print your slogan on the box to create a unique identity in the market.

Creative Stationery Packaging Boxes for Sale 

Browse the following samples of stationery packaging boxes, tell us your ideal stationery packaging box style, we will make it into reality and mass production in our factory. We support factory wholesale price!

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