Common Terms Related To Heat Transfer Products

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Heat Transfer Vinyl also called HTV,  is a vinyl that is used for the decoration of bags, clothes and other soft products.

HTV, unlike adhesive vinyl or sign vinyl, HTV, requires heat and pressure to be printed on an item.

Method of application of each heat transfer vinyl varies and depends on the fabric and the application guidelines. There are different types of HTV for the design, just as we have different types of garments.

The aim of this post is to help you know the various terms used for heat transfer vinyl; their different types;  ways of cutting, weeding and applying HTV;  and the different types of equipment to be used appropriately.

Common Terms used for HTV

Understanding these common HTV terms  will be of help when referring to the application guides, studying industry blogs, and when watching tutorials.


The bright, light reflecting support on the HTV. Depending on the HTV type, the carrier can be smooth or tacky.

Carriers can be inform of low, medium and high-tack supports. For better designs, high-tack carriers are the best choice.


Cavities are the most important portions of the design where more vinyl enclose the design.  They are the center portions. Example of a cavity is the center of an "O".

Heat Transfer Products


The carrier has to be peeled away from the vinyl after applying heat. The peeling can be hot, warm, or cold, depending on the HTV.

Hot Peel –Carrier is immediately peeled from the press while the design is still hot. There should be no delay!

Warm Peel – The carrier is allowed to cool down to some extent and when it is warm to touch the carrier is peeled away.

Cold Peel – The carrier is peeled away when it is totally cooled down.

Soft Hand

HTV is said to be a soft hand when the hand feel is soft and also lightweighted. A soft hand materials feel like it is part of the cloth.

Stretch & Rebound

Stretch and rebound have to do with the elasticity of the HTV. Once a material is stretched and it rebound back to its normal shape, then the material stretches.

This is a significant factor in choosing  active wears or jerseys that need to have HTV that  move with the garment. A good example is the Volleyball or even a basketball jersey.

Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl cutters are the equipment that can operate on their own for heat transfer production. They produce a unique designs for clothing or to print the required personalized orders when they are used with heat transfer vinyl, screen printed transfers, or transfer paper.

Weeding of of the excess vinyl is allowed, while the design is being cut into the vinyl by  the cutter.


The removal of the excess vinyl from a  cut design leaving the required design  on the carrier is called weeding.

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