Basic Knowledge about Paper Packaging

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What is paper packaging?

Paper packaging is a packaging product made of paper material quite popular on the market today. This type of packaging is used to pack, store and transport goods, helping to store and protect the product inside due to the impact of transportation. Currently, this type of packaging is interested in investing in designing new and beautiful models and adding branding functions.

Paper packaging production process

- Raw materials for packaging paper are roll paper. Paper will be put into corrugated machine to make sheet paper (semi-finished paper).

- The semi-finished paper will then be put into the printer the necessary information to form a semi-finished paper 2 at this stage, usually using flexo printing method.

- Paper after printing will be put into stamping and slot machines to form the finished carton.

- Finished carton boards will be stapled and carton sealing machines will create finished carton packages

- Finally, it will be checked for quality before being delivered to customers.

Packaging paper in digital markets

Since the digital markets now focus on less time consuming and better services, industries like e-commerce require different grades of packaging papers to meet the standards. To meet these requirements, e-commerce gives support to paper manufacturers with a mutual benefit of business growth.

Different products require different grades of packaging papers. Since most online stores are vast with almost all kinds of products being sold and delivered, they require a high quality of packaging to ensure safe delivery.

The preference of paper grade depends on the quality of packaging based on the product being sold. If a luxury item is being packed and delivered, a higher grade of packaging paper is used to meet the standards. For small or non-luxury products, a lower grade will be used.

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Types of paper used for packaging in the food industry

Paper and paperboards are commonly used in corrugated boxes, milk cartons, folding cartons, bags and sacks, and wrapping paper. Tissue paper, paper plates, and cups are other examples.

There are different grades of paper used in the food packaging industry. When used as primary packaging (that is, in contact with food), paper is treated, coated, laminated, or impregnated with materials such as waxes, resins, or lacquers to improve its functional and protective properties. The many different types of paper used in food packaging are as follows:

Parchment/Baking Paper – Made from the acid-treated pulp, the acid modifies the cellulose to make it smoother and impervious to water and oil, to add some wet strength. It is not a good barrier to air and moisture, is not heat sealable, and is used to pack fats, such as butter and lard.

Greaseproof Paper – Greaseproof paper is used to wrap snack foods, cookies, candy bars, and other oily foods, a use that is being replaced by plastic films.

Kraft paper – kraft paper is available in several forms: natural brown, unbleached, heavy-duty, and bleached white. Natural kraft is the strongest of all paper and is commonly used for bags and wrapping. It is also used to pack flour, sugar, and dried fruits and vegetables.

Corrugated board – The corrugated board is made with 2 layers of kraft paper with a central corrugating fluting paper. Fibreboard’s resistance to impact abrasion and crushing damage makes it widely used for shipping bulk food and case packing of retail food products.

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