What Is a Rub on Sticker, and How to Use It?

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While you go through temporary tattoo stickers, you will find several options, one of which will be the rub-on sticker. These are much different from the traditional ones, so the usage methods are also slightly different.

What is a rub-on sticker?

The rub on stickers, also known as the dry rub transfer stickers, are known for their adhesive-less sticking to any surface. These provide a very professional-looking result on materials like glass, plastic, metal, paper, etc. These can be easily installed on any plain and smooth surface. While there are no visible adhesive layers, these stick powerfully to the surface you stick on and have an anti-scratch surface.

How to use a rub-on sticker?

Below is the step-by-step guide on using these stickers

Clean the surface where you are going to apply the sticker

You will begin with choosing the right sticker according to its size and design. You need to clean the surface where you will apply that sticker, and cleaning with a microfiber cloth is a good idea so that there is no dust or other particles left on the surface. Once the surface is clean enough, you can begin with the sticker.

Remove the backing layer.

Take the sticker and remove its backing layer. Now you will stick the image with its film to whatever surface you want to apply it to. There will be no need to worry about wrinkles on the film as long as the sticker art is not disturbed due to those wrinkles. Once the sticker is applied, you must rub it thoroughly on the image to ensure a secure connection.

Peel off the transparent film

Once you are satisfied with the adhesion of the sticker image on the surface, you can carefully peel off the transparent film. Lastly, if any parts of the sticker image are not stuck with the surface, you can rub carefully on it to get it to stick to the surface firmly. Now you are done with the application of this sticker.

Rub on Stickers

Benefits of going for these stickers

Among all different types of stickers, these stickers come with certain benefits, including the following.

Customization for everything

One of the best things about these stickers is that you can customize everything about them. You can customize everything according to your needs, from shape and size to color, cut, material, and artwork.

Huge variety to find

While you have the customization options, a huge variety of options are already available. No matter which sticker you get, these will be eco-friendly on every material, and you may use these stickers for screen printing and offset printing. However, for different materials, you may need additional tools and accessories.

Get the rub on sticker of your choice.

A rub-on sticker can be used on several surfaces, including glass, wood, paper, clay, etc. So, these stickers can make your plain and boring items more vibrant. We provide the best pre-designed and customizable stickers for all surfaces and uses.


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