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Handbag Classification

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There are many classifications of handbags. According to the thickness of the classification, their functions, appearance and content also have their own advantages.
According to the different classification of materials

1. White cardboard tote bag
2. White paper bag
3. Coated paper tote bag
4. Kraft paper handbag

Classified by specific form


Advertising handbag

According to different purposes, handbags can be divided into promotional handbags, brand handbags, and VI design promotional handbags.

2. Gift handbag
3. Decorative handbag
4. Knowledgeable handbag
5. Commemorative handbag
6. Easy tote bag
7. Trendy handbag
8. Antique handbag

And what we commonly use are white cardboard tote bags, white board paper tote bags, coated paper tote bags, most of which are kraft paper tote bags. There are hundreds of different tote bag printing types, with different shapes and various types, their functions and appearance contents. Each has its own merits. Stores print product patterns and promotional information on beautiful shopping bags, which are welcomed by consumers. After buying, people still have a new feeling.


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