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A Brief Guide To Care Label

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Do you know that care labels can prevent you from big problems? Well, it’s very true because it provides you guidelines about the care of the apparel. It also gives the best laundry procedures and thread decoration.

That’s why good companies invest in quality care labels technology to provide an effective printing process. Are you considering investing in technology? I advise you to source from a reputable manufacturer for quality labeling machinery.

Custom Care Label

What is Care Label?

A care label is a special type of garment that bears the details about the care of the apparel. The garment is special because it has a quick-drying ability, color stability, good light speed, and humidity rubbing fastness.

Any damage that happens as a result of improper instruction leads to the manufacturer's bad image. Thus, clear instruction on the care label is very important to avoid such damage.

Details on the Care Label

The garment contains guidelines on:

1. The temperature you can iron the garment

The care label has an instruction on the temperature you should iron the cloth. This is very essential because if you make a mistake with the temperature, you can burn the cloth and loss your cloth to hot iron.

On the other hand, if the temperature is lower than the required temperature, the cloth will not straighten as you need.

2. Instruction on Air Dry or Machine drying the Garment

Not all apparel can be dried using a washing machine. Different garments require different modes of drying. The care label gives clear instructions on the mode of drying the garment. If the cloth does not require sun drying, it will indicate on the care label.

3. Hand Wash or Dry Clean

Laundry is much easier when you know what to do and how to do it. The care label provides instructions on whether to hand wash or dry clean the garment. Some clothes do not need a dry cleaning service. Thus, the care labels guide you through all the necessary steps you need to maintain your clothes.

4. Beaching of Garment or Not

Have you ever had an experience where you damage your cloth because you put them in bleached water? Maybe you are not a victim of such an experience. Many people had such an experience. The care label provides the instructions you need.

Use Of Care Label Printing for Garments?

The care labels technology is quite a cost-effective device that can help you produce a label for garments. There are various advantages to using this latest technology for the production of care labels.

The technology supports printing on demand. It has long shelf life when you store it correctly. Moreover, it is cost-effective and economical to produce. Within a short period, you can complete your printing process.

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