Understand Spot Color & CMYK Color

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Spot color and CMYK? All this jargon got you feeling confused? Not sure which option is best for your next print project? We'll break down the differences between Spot colors and CMYK and what designs are best for each method in this post.  

Spot Color images are traditional screen printing where each screen has a designated pre-mixed ink color.  For instance, to print a black and red image we will setup two screens: one screen with black ink and one screen with red ink.

Our gang sheet option is available in our 1, 2, & 3 spot colors. If your upcoming project requires a custom color match, we offer custom Pantone matching for not expensive price.

Athletic, Vintage, Performance, Spot Fashion, Nylon and Non-Woven all have the spot color options available. 


Our spot color inks are opaque, so they do not require a white underbase for opacity. 

Note: True Neons (Pantone 801-814) are not opaque and do require a white under-base when printing on non-white fabric.

Full Color images are screen printed plastisol heat transfers that use Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK) to create a full color image. Our Full Color option is recommended for complex graphics containing photographic elements or 4+ colors. Colors in your image are printed based on the CMYK values in your art file.Those color values translate into halftone screens that blend together to create a full color image.

All colors should be CMYK process colors.

Athletic, Fashion for Darks, Nylon & Non-Woven all have a full white underbase that makes those options opaque on all color fabrics. Use white only where you wish to have white printed. The Fashion for Lights formula does not have any white printing, which makes it super soft, but it will not be opaque.


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