4 Free Tagless Label Templates!

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Tagless labels are a great way to elevate your brand! Customized tagless labels not only look great and polished but reminds those wearing it of their favorite brands. It's a simple way to incorporate your brand on apparel to make it stand out. 


We've created 4 Free Tagless Label Templates for you! These PDFs can be opened in Adobe Illustrator and edited with your own brand name, content, sizes, etc. All 4 designs use fonts that are universally found on most computers.


Not an Adobe Illustrator expert? Learn to design for apparel with our free online course!


Don't have Adobe Illustrator, but you have Acrobat Reader? Tags 1, 2, & 4 can be edited in Acrobat Reader! Just open in Reader, and click 'Edit PDF'. You should be able to select the text and edit as you need. Each gang sheet is set up for the Large (9"x12.75") sheet size. Here are the approximate sizes of each tag: Tag 001 (1.7"w x 1.3"h) | Tag 002 (1.8"w x 1.8"h) | Tag 003 (2"w x 2"h) | Tag 004 (2.2"w x 1.1"h)


Don't have either, but want to use one of our templates? Not a problem! Submit your request via our Art Services form and our team will provide a quote.



Not a fan of what you see? If you'd like to create your own tagless labels, just keep our printing requirements in mind. Make sure you follow our Artwork Guidelines to ensure all of the small font and lines will print. We recommend Arial, Helvetica, or Futura fonts to get the most consistent prints.


Ordering tagless labels is easy: make a gang sheet with all of the different size labels on the same sheet, then order however many sheets you need under our gang sheet pricing. 


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