Paper Packaging Products Vs Plastic Packaging Products

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Packaging is about more than just getting things from a particular location to the other. The product being packaged, the firm selling the goods, the buyer, the budget, the design, the marketing plan, and so on all influence packaging.

Today's society dictates that if the package is attractive, the product will sell. Merchandisers are investing to learn what attracts these purchasers, as well as what happens when a product fails due to poor packaging or just fails to capture the buyer's attention.

In fact, paper packaging is the most widely used in industries today and this is as a result of the diverse dimensions of designs that can be created on it. This, however, facilitates improved sales.

Do you recall how you felt the first time you took out your smartphone? When you first touched the box, it is a quite certain that you sensed the device's importance, quality, and value.

It is not an accident! Phone manufacturers have carefully planned how to package and coordinate their products in order to give world-class product innovation and customer service.

 It is obvious that packaging affects a product's perceived worth, and the packaging business as a whole hasn't evolved much in recent years compared to wearable technology's rapid advancement.

It can be challenging to find the ideal packaging option for your goods from all the packaging and cardboard boxes now on the market.

You may have been wondering, "there are different kinds of packaging material. Which do I choose?"

You don't have to worry too much because in this article, you will get to know some of the distinguishing features between two types of packaging materials: Paper packaging product and Plastic packaging product.

paper packaging products

1. Origin and Environmental Effect

The source of any material has a long way in determining the effects of such material on the environment. While some have positive impacts and environmental effects, others have detrimental effects on the surrounding.

Paper derive their Origin from plant which implies that they have very little, if any detrimental effect on the environment. Hence, there use as paper packaging products drastically reduces destructive impacts on the environment.

Also, they are safer for packaging of food materials.

Plastics on the other hand, derive their origin from polymers which are basically chemical compositions. Hence, on subjection to any form of chemical changes, may become detrimental to the atmospheric environment.


2. Ease of Branding

The growth of a company or business is a function of her branding. Branding is necessary to propagate and advertise the business or product.

However, proper channels need to be put in place so as to ensure effective branding.

Use of paper packaging products makes branding easy. The paper can be designed to suit the purpose of such a business or product.

Making use of plastics on the other hand makes branding rather difficult because plastics do not have any absorption capacity.


3. Biodegradation

The main essence of biodegradation in our environment is basically to eradicate wastes by microbial breakdown.

Still owing to their origin, paper packaging products, which are of course made of paper are easily biodegradable. Hence, their accumulation in the environment is greatly reduced as they break down.

On the other hand, plastic packaging products which are obtained from polymers are non-biodegradable. This leads to their enormousness in the environment, thus causing waste accumulation.

paper packaging products

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