Advantages of Cardboard As Paper Packaging Product For Food

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Packaging was originally designed to move food from manufacturers to consumers, but it has since evolved to the point that it is now required to store nearly all types of items in transit or for extended periods of time.

 It has evolved. However, the packaging revolution continues, and it is becoming a more protected product along the distribution chain.

Corrugated cardboard packaging is more common than wooden boxes in the business, and it serves as a protective and transport packing for mass-produced goods. The volume of cardboard-wrapped things we receive every day is confirmation of this.

There are some certain factors that predict the most appropriate material needed for packaging in the food processing industry. This, among a few include strength, cost, print ability, and many more.

Paper Packaging serve as one of the most important and essential methods of packaging food materials. It's importance is pictured in the fact that it's protective and storage capability for food products is of high relevance both to the producer and the consumers.

In this article, you will learn the essential advantages of using cardboard box as a paper packaging product for your packaging, especially the food packaging and why you should consider checking them out.

Let's check them out one after the other;


1. Little to no Negative Effect and Impact on the Environment.

Based on research, about 60% of carbon monoxide has been reduced as a result of introduction of paper materials to the industries.

Their natural origin gives more clarity about their safety in the environment. Basically, plants themselves have little to no negative effect on the environment, rather they help absorb gases that may affect the environment in a negative way.

Hence, since they are from plant based materials, their usefulness are rather more than their negative impacts.

paper packaging

2. High Biodegradability Rate

The rate of degradation of corrugated boxes and paper materials is extremely high compared to those of plastics or any other polymer material.

Because of the its composition as a cellulose material, it is easily decomposed especially under appropriate weather situations.


3. Easy Visualization of Brand

Making use of paper packaging helps to ensure that the brand and the purpose of the brand are conveyed to customers and potential customers. Also, they are advantageous in terms of creating distinction between products


4. Food Spoilage Rate Reduction

The use of paper packaging for storage of food has now been the best option for most food industries. This, in fact, is because of its extreme porosity and the release of any form of heat trapped in it.

paper packaging

5. Ease of Transportation

With Paper Packaging especially the cardboard box, durability of products are ensured especially when long journey distances are of necessity.

In addition to the fact that they do not absorb moisture from the surrounding unlike the other polymers, they are easy to stack and can withstand great bulk, although that depend on the bulk strength of the cardboard box.


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