How Does Blister Clamshell Make Your Product Stand Out?

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A production business has multiple options when it comes to packing. You can choose a plastic box, cardboard packaging, plastic bag, blister clamshell, and many others. However, there are several reasons why a blister clamshell makes the best option.

How does blister clamshell make your product stand out?

It can make your product stand out among the other options for multiple reasons. The top 5 reasons why it is a better packing option include:

Better protection than soft packaging

The first thought in mind is plastic bag-based packaging whenever transparent packaging is required. It offers a better viewing of the product and gives a good hand feel. However, a major drawback is that it is not strong enough to protect products from impact.

The benefit of clamshell blister packaging here is that it maintains all the benefits of plastic bag packaging while offering much better protection. This unique type of packaging makes your product stand out.

blister clamshell

Customers can see and feel the product from the inside.

Another majorly used packing type is plastic or cardboard box packaging. It is great in terms of protection but does not do much about the visibility and feel of the product. While clamshell blister packaging already provides protection, it also provides the visibility your product needs.

This packing fits perfectly on the product, so customers can get a better hand-feel of your product without buying it. Hence, it is a better option instead of cardboard and plastic box packaging.

Better peace of mind for customers due to sealed packaging

Plastic bags can be resealed with cheap equipment. Similarly, the seal tape applied to boxes can be replaced easily as the box stays in good shape. It creates a sense of worry among customers as they want something never touched by anyone before.

Whether it is for keeping germs and airborne particles away or ensuring the product is new, the thing about clamshell blister packaging is that it gets damaged no matter how carefully someone tries to open it. So, it brings peace of mind that whatever they buy is new.

Keep the product clean when on display.

Display units get a lot of beating from the customers. Everyone comes and touches them to get the feel. Either their packaging gets damaged or the product gets dirty. The benefit of blister clamshell, among all other packaging materials, is that it allows them to see and feel display units while keeping the product clean.

Customers often go for products in this packaging rather than any other option.

Cost-effective shipping

Shipping is very crucial for a business, and clamshell packaging makes a better choice for businesses in terms of the following:

  • Protection
  • Shipping cost due to less weight
  • Shipping cost due to less space

With all these reasons and benefits, the clamshell blister packaging can make your product stand out among all other options.

Get the best blister clamshell packaging for your products.

To make your product stand out, you need the right type of packaging. So, for some products like toys or a mouse, the blister clamshell makes the best packing option. Learn more about it and other types of packaging.


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