Why Is Cardboard Used For Packaging?

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Cardboard packaging is an excellent, cost-effective solution for various storage and packaging needs. Offering a surprisingly high level of protection, cardboard boxes and cardboard drums are great value, incredibly versatile and environmentally friendly.

You can use cardboard packaging for a wide variety of goods and products and, as a business, you can lower your bills and carbon footprint while ensuring that products reach your customers intact.


Why Cardboard Boxes?

Boxes are so practical, comfortable and “common”. Just because of that, they have become familiar. Our busy society prevents us from stopping to observe the small details. Even we don’t stop to enjoy those little memories or achievements that we had. An example is when sending our first order, to move to our first home, when packaging for storage our toys the childhood. As they say, an entire life fits in a simple cardboard box.

Cardboard packaging

Different Types of Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard is so versatile because there is a wide range of different packaging options available. Cardboard is easily mass-produced, but can also be tailor-made to meet specific requirements and to transport and protect particular items.

But while cardboard comes in different shapes and sizes, there are three major types of cardboard packaging commonly used for industrial shipping and storage. These are:

  • Single-walled cardboard boxes
  • Double-walled cardboard boxes
  • Fibre drums

Single-walled cardboard boxes are the most cost-effective option, offering a good deal of protection, as well as being lightweight and versatile. Double-walled cardboard boxes have two layers of cardboard and, while more expensive and heavier, offer an added layer of protection.

Fibre drums are circular containers produced from rigid cardboard fibre. They offer a high level of protection and can be fitted out with drum liners in order to store liquids, as well as solids. Fibre drums are often used to store food (they are food-grade quality) but are also UN rated for the transport of dangerous or hazardous goods.


Another Ecological Solution

In addition, cardboard boxes respect the environment due to their recycability. The most easy environmentally friendly option being able to reuse them repeatedly.


Customizable Boxes

They can be made to measure according to the requirements that we need and become cardboard box advantages. In addition, they also provide the possibility of using them as a medium for advertising. Through our shipments, printing our logos or messages on them, we make ourselves known to everyone who sees our boxes. Therefore, cardboard boxes are the perfect element to be able to advertise, since with them we take from one part of the world to the other the merchandise that we commercialize and, therefore, everyone who sees our cardboard boxes will be able to know our name and what that we are dedicated At a more than affordable price we acquire something of great importance for our company.

Cardboard packaging

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Cardboard packaging is a surprisingly durable packaging material that can be used to safely store and transport a wide range of goods and products. Cardboard packaging is cost-effective, versatile and, most importantly of all, environmentally friendly.

If you’re looking to source quality cardboard packaging for your business or personal needs, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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