What Type Of Plastic Is Used For Packaging?

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Plastic packaging does come in a broad range of different types of material, whereas each offers a specific feature according to its appearance, shelf life, use of food appropriately, barrier properties, and environmental welfare.

It can likewise be used for reheating in the microwave and filling cold or hot liquids or substances.

According to the packaging plastic, well-concentrated properties such as nitrogen, water, oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide helps products in the plastic packaging to hold their scents, flavor, and some nutritional usefulness and as well protect against any outer contamination.

Plastic packaging

Below are the numerous types of plastic used for packaging;


Polypropylene is one of the broadest ranges in thermoplastics. It has a high resistance to some chemical substances like alkalis, solvents, and acids, due to its strong material composition.

Polypropylene is a colorless material and can be dyed to any preferred color, it also serves as multipurpose material that is useful for packaging fresh fish, meat, and microwaveable ready-to-eat meal.

High impact polystyrene

High impact polystyrene is a material that is easy to reform. Due to the addition of synthetic rubber, it is a more succulent material component than the normal polystyrene.

High impact polystyrene is very fit for packaging dry and cold foods, which cannot be heated up in plastic. It can also be recycled as raw materials.

Oriented polystyrene

It is produced by broadening the part of the polystyrene foil, which allows the material gets stronger or harder and develop reflectiveness across the material.

It is a material that is inexpensive and is good for packaging cold foods, which cannot be heated up in plastic, examples are; freezer application, and bakery.

Polyethylene terephthalate

This is commonly used plastic packaging in the whole world. It is usually used for food packaging that needs a clear glass quality such as cold meats, fruits, snacks, and salad.

Polyethylene is a very hard and stretchy material with effective strength. Additionally, polyethylene is very simple to move and it won’t break and also polyethylene can be recycled and can be used for multiple purposes.

plastic packaging

High-density polyethylene

This type of packaging plastic is the most rampant in packaging goods that require a shield from light and a rigid container. It can be transparent such as milk jugs or not clear such as packaging plastics for detergents, bleaches, and so on.

High-density polyethylene can also be used in plastic bags for taking food items, cable sheeting, and reusable shipping containers. It can be recycled into a new container, flower pots, and plastic lumber.

Bio-based and biodegradable plastic

Bio-based plastic is a material that is based on agricultural products such as sugar cane and corn starch. While biodegradable plastic is the traditional material that is based on grasses or oil.

Bio-based plastic has the same attribute as conservative plastic, and it is a combination of fossil and agricultural material.

Biodegradable plastic is the material designed to be used instead of recycling, the recycling phase can be destroyed if the biodegradable plastic is mixed with plastic that is designed to be recycled.

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