What Kind of Paper Are Available For Paper Packaging?

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Presently, you can find numerous kinds of papers used in product packaging in the marketplaces which are usually costumed-made for some particular use by end users.

However, before you select a material for a product or use, you must be familiar with their intrigued characteristics, ranging from its nature of production to handling.

We shall try all our possible best to be able to respond to all worries concerning the different types of paper packaging by giving proper report concerning the materials that are used and also some of their important characteristics.

This section shows a summary of the most widely used papers in the product packaging niche to aid your decision making.

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Ivory Paper

This is a bilateral paper that has a smooth side and a rough side. It has a shiny white outer side and also a white inner side.

It is characterized by its durability, thickness, strength and ability to be printed in full color. Although it can weigh up to 450gm in mass.

Compared to Bristol paper, Ivory paper is harder and more resilient. It can be broadly used in packaging and also used in parking and keeping food safely.

Ivory packaging paper is perfect for shoe boxes, milk boxes, cigarette boxes, food packaging, and also juice boxes

Duplex Paper

This type of paper consists of imparting two sheets of paper together. It is usually in a layered type to make the surface waterproof and to give it a shiny look.

However, it is extensively used for packaging that requires high durability and big size boxes. There are two types of duplex paper:

  • Single side layered paper: This type of duplex paper has a just specific side which is covered, this usually weighs 210gsm
  • Double side layered paper: This type of duplex paper has a both sides which sides that are covered, this usually weighs 250gsm.

Duplex paper is usually used for printing box papers and also for folding Catons with uneven sheets.

Art card Paper

Are you seeking for a very standard packaging answer?  Art card is the best choice. It is a kind of paper which cannot be disregarded.

Art card paper has a slightly shiny exterior and is well-matched with links. It usually weighs from 230 to 350 gsm.

Art cards are used for hand soaps, cosmetics boxes, medicinal boxes, shirt covers, and cards visit.

Kraft Packaging Paper

Kraft Packaging Paper

Kraft is a firm, stretchy and coarse paper. Based on the type of Kraft paper, the usual average weight mostly ranges between 50 and 135 gsm, or at time is 250 gm.

Kraft is characteristically always golden brown, though and producers can change its by bleaching it to make it milky white.

Kraft paper can start to be broken down in less than seven weeks. It is likewise to be reprocessed which makes it a common choice among consumers.

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