What Is Heat Transfer T-shirt Printing?

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Heat transfer t-shirt printing is a way of creating designs by using heat-sensitive ink and a heat press to stick the graphic onto the fabric. The process is similar to screen printing, although it's different in some ways.

For example, while screen printing requires two colors (usually black and white), heat transfer t-shirts can only be printed with one color at a time. A heat transfer label makes this possible.

This article will explain what heat transfers are and how they work so you can decide if a heat transfer label is right for your business needs.

What is heat transfer T-shirt printing?

Heat transfer T-shirt printing is more complicated than screen printing because they require an extra step: applying thermal-transfer paper before applying the design on top of it. Heat transfer t-shirt printing uses sublimation.

This means that instead of using chemicals or dyes to change the color, you use high temperatures to make the image appear on your shirt.

heat transfer T-shirt printing

How is heat transfer labels done?

The process is similar to dye sublimation printing except it's done through direct contact with hot material rather than through an intermediate layer of liquid dye bath as with other types of dye sublimation methods (like screen-printing).

Sublimation printing uses low temperatures and pressure applied directly on top of printed fabric during production so that there aren't any bubbles created between layers due to humidity issues caused by water exposure during normal washing.

This also allows for higher resolution images compared with screenprinting techniques which involve multiple layers being printed at once before they're fused using heat lamps (which can be expensive).

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Ways to customize your T-shirts using heat transfer label

Heat transfer T-shirts can be customized with graphics, pictures, and text. The following are some common ways to customize your heat transfer T-shirt:

  • Front and back printing

 The front of the shirt features your logo or design while the back has a unique graphic. This is great for companies who want to show off their brand while still having a unique look on their clothing line.

  • Sleeves  

If you want sleeves with your logo or picture printed on them then this would be perfect for you.

  • Pockets

You can also have pockets printed with words or phrases that relate directly to what you are selling (or promoting).

For example, if you have an online store selling products related to sports teams then having pockets showing off where each team plays might be very helpful in marketing those products. This is because your customers will know exactly where it's located without ever having been there before.

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If you’re looking for a way to get your company's logo or design onto t-shirts, heat transfer t-shirts can be a great option. The process is simple and quick, but there are some important things to consider before getting started.

As with any printing method, you must have all of your materials ready before starting work. Most importantly, you should have a heat transfer label that will make your work faster and a lot easier.

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