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What is Full Color Printing?

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What is Full Color Printing?


Full color printing is when a colorful image, like a logo or photo, is printed onto some kind of surface. You'll see it used for magazines, stickers, greeting cards, billboards, mugs, bags, and so much more.

Four color printing can also be referred to as:

Digital printing

Four color process

Four color printing

CMYK printing

CMYK process

No matter how you call it, your design will really pop with this printing method. It makes for an eye-catching and vibrant final product, whether it's a magazine cover or a birthday cake!

Full color printing blends four colors to make exceptional images come to life.  Those colors include cyan, magenta, yellow and black.  You might have heard PrintingCenterUSA bring up the term ‘CMYK’ a lot because it’s our bread and butter and makes up part of the definition of full color printing. So, full color printing is essentially FOUR color printing with various combinations to create high quality printed jobs.

Using the four color printing process combines four shades together creating various combinations of mixed final colors.   When combined CMYK shades can create vivid and rich colors for print graphics.


The full-color printing process


Full-color printing offers a wide spectrum of vivid color, so you can add to the eye-catching appeal to a logo, plus ensure brand recognition with true colors. Full-color printing also gives a marketing piece a professional look, creating a higher level of trust with prospective customers. While full-color printing can approximate your brand colors, exact color matches cannot be guaranteed due to the variance in the color mixing process.

color printing

Four Color Printing is Full Color Printing


When printers talk about full color printing this is four-color printing. The name refers to the fact that four color plates are used, and it may also be called CMYK. The four colors involved are cyan, magenta, yellow, and the ever popular black. By using these four shades, the colors available for use are numerous due to the various combinations that can be mixed.


The Right Digital Printer is Crucial for Great Results


Before you hire any digital printer, make sure that they are the right choice for what you are hoping to accomplish. Some companies may not provide this specific type and they may not have enough experience with the processes and techniques used to give you the exceptional results that you want and need.

Choosing the best possible printer means making accurate comparisons between printing companies. Compare the experience, business reputation, and four color printing knowledge before you decide where to place your order. Ask for references from previous clients who have ordered this technique in the past.


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