The Underrated Benefits of Luminous Label

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As you might have imagined, it is clear that phosphorescent inks in labeling or flexible packaging make the final product a striking, innovative, and attractive item. This is so for many, but especially for the little ones in the house.

Thanks to the infinity of shapes, drawings, images, and details capable of capturing and highlighting, a product that is very different from the conventional one is achieved, which makes boys and girls fall in love with it.

In fact, on many occasions, the container with visible labeling in the dark becomes a decorative element, or even a toy, once finished consuming. Let us talk about the underrated benefits of the Luminous label.

Luminous Offset Printing Heat Transfer Label

Luminous label; the favorite of little ones

At HPP, we have been able to experience first-hand success stories from our important clients, thanks to our luminous label.

  •  Labels that glow, are without a doubt, an attraction for the little ones.
  •  Items that are luminously labeled have become a key factor in highlighting the product on supermarket shelves and, of course, in improving its brand recognition and positioning.
  • In addition, it has helped many of our clients gain the trust and affection of their little clients.

Benefits of Luminous label to your Brand

For us, it is essential to constantly update ourselves and offer our clients flexible labeling and packaging solutions that will make their products stand out and help their marketing strategies. Our luminous label also benefits your brand in major ways. Here are a few;

1. Greater impact

According to some studies, phosphorescent colors are observed significantly faster than conventional colors. With this, you are sure that selling clothing materials that are branded using luminous label will easily make your brand to stand out.

2. Increased Visibility

The use of phosphorescent colors in labeling and flexible packaging makes products outstanding as well as enhance its visibility even in the dark.

3. Greater attention

The luminous color not only manages to attract attention but also manages to keep it for a longer time. So, you can see this as a way of constantly having your brand ring a bell in the memory of your target market.

4. Product preference

Being an original and innovative product, it manages to distinguish itself from the competition and become, in most cases, the option chosen by consumers.

Others include;

  • Improve the corporate image of the brand.
  • Greater brand value.
  • Increase brand recall.
  • Increase credibility and trust.
  • Create a more intimate and personal bond with the client.
  • Boost your customer loyalty.

Are you thinking of giving a special and more creative touch to your packaging with luminous label?

Our goal is to be an ally for our clients, forming part of their team and working side by side to achieve the best results. Want to add a luminous label to your next product package?

Contact us here. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with the best of everything you need.


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