The 3 Basic Step Process of How Digital Heat Transfer Materials Work

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As a medium for the heat transfer procedure, digital heat transfer film is used. Digital transfer film is a quick-drying, weatherproof material that takes dye and pigment inks and has better clarity.

As highly beneficial this technology is to us, the efficiency of this product is tied to its quality and durability.

Hence it is advisable one partner with a reliable and trustworthy DTF material manufacturer.

Do you have a hard time understanding how the digital heat transfer method works? Do not worry!

Read on to discover more about the three actions that is involved.

Step 1: Producing Your Transfer Order

The first thing is to choose a particular design of image, logo, or text that you would want on your transfer.

After this, those designs are sent to a high-speed digital printer. Stunning and unparalleled full-color results are produced by printing a 5-color dry toner image on the back of a polyester film.

From there, the film is sized to desired specifications and coiled on cores. It is then coated with an adhesive designed, especially to stick to a particular unique product.

DTF material

Step 2: Your Transfer Application

You might be unsure about how to apply digital heat transfers to your goods once you have your roll of transfers.

Fortunately, a producer with a vast knowledge of transfer applications can help out.

The imaged film advances under a heated silicone decorating head and over the part in a heat transfer machine that has been loaded by the operator and is configured to your individual application requirements.

The image from the film is transferred onto the blank portion of your product at this stage of the process thanks to the head's application of heat and pressure.

Step 3: Fast and Hands-Free Finishing Touches

The fact that the decorated pieces are dry and ready to be packaged nearly immediately after application is one of the biggest advantages of this procedure.

A post-bake is necessary after application for glass and ceramic goods, but even so, this process is still far quicker than traditional techniques. This procedure is novel, environmentally friendly, and effective because of its short turnaround.

Many times, an automated system or the person who operated the machine that processed your transfer application can package the item for you.

In Need of a high quality DTF Materials?

DTF material is one of the most affordable and uniquely effective means of attaching decoration on objects with absolute clarity.

Choosing a high-quality product may not seem like a tough task, but with the variety of goods on exhibit in the market, it actually is. As a result, it's important to partner with a reputable and trusted DTF material manufacturer.

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We are able to create flawless digital heat transfers with a seamless adhesion to any part or product thanks to our cutting-edge machinery and scientific procedure.  Not only that, we offer durable digital heat transfers as a quick, inexpensive, environmentally safe, and effective way to decorate things.

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