Should Plastic Bags And Packaging Be Banned?

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The debate on whether they should ban plastic bags and packaging or not. On the two sides of the argument, there are key reasons to support their positions. Well, should they ban or continue the use of plastic bags?

In this article, we will look at the two sides of the debate. In the end, you will know the implication of taking one position against the other.

Meanwhile, plastic bags and packaging have wide applications in many industries. You can find it in the electronics, cosmetics, fabric, beverages, medicine, food, house appliance, and sporting industries.

There are moves by different groups to ban plastic bags and packaging. Let us look at the reasons they are giving in support of this move. We will also look at the cons of this decision.  

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What are the Pros of Plastic Bags Bans?

1. Improvement of Marine Life

When plastic bags are disposed into water bodies, it poses danger to aquatic life. Sometimes, marine animals mistake plastic bags for plankton or jellyfish. When they consume it, they become ill or even die. The ban on plastic bags will reduce this risk and improve marine life.

2. Reduce Pollution to the Environment

Various plastic bags are not biodegradable. When they litter the environment, it leads to land, air, and water pollution. Sometimes, plastic bags clog drainage systems, which leads to avoidable flooding. Banning the use of plastic will improve the environment.

3. Reduce Cost of Goods

When stores use disposable bags, they ensure that they include the cost of the bags in the price of goods. Removing the use of disposable plastic bags will reduce the cost of goods and save shoppers a reasonable amount annually.

What are the cons of banning plastic bags and packaging?

Some of the cons of making the move to ban plastic bags and packaging are:

1. Shoppers’ Upfront Cost

Banning the use of plastic bags and packaging will require customers to buy reusable bags upfront. Depending on what to purchase and the size, the cost of the reusable bag can range from $1 - $10.

2. Widespread Layoffs

Though the argument for a ban does not directly anchor on the effect of the bag, it is worth noting that the plastic industry employs almost a million workers. The banning of plastic bags and packaging will lead to scale back of businesses and widespread layoffs.

3. Food Safety Risks

Though fabric bags are good for the transportation of dry foods, they absorb messes that can lead to odors and bacterial growth. A study by Loma Linda University, California, and the University of Arizona noticed the presence of bacteria in 51 percent of the 84 reusable bags for grocery that were tested. It is plastic bags that can protect and provide hygienic packaging for dry foods.

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The Current Situation of Bag Ban

In America, about 8 states have approved plastic bag laws. There is increasing support for the ban on plastic bags that are not eco-friendly, reusable, and dangerous to health. About 15 States have laws that restrict counties and cities from enacting plastic bag bans.

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