Popular Tattoo Designs For Men

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The History Of Tattoos, In a Nutshell

In the long history of tattoos, men and women alike have taken part in this body art ritual. During ancient times, tattoo designs were worn as amulets for protection, marks of high status or strength, and as symbols of religious or cultural beliefs.  

At the beginning of the 20th century, tattoos were looked down upon as a stigma, calling out rogues and criminals. However, over the past fifty years, tattoos became more and more socially accepted, often worn as a form of self-expression.  


The 7 Best Tattoo Ideas For Men

The evolution of tattoo designs for men has gone from one end of the spectrum to the other. In the past, both men and women received tattoos as a sign of status, whether a leader or a slave. Nowadays, we all wear tattoos of all shapes and styles, often for personal reasons.

For this blog, we’ve compiled some of the coolest tattoo trends for men you can use as inspiration for your next piece of body art! 


1. Compass Tattoo On The Neck

Compass Tattoo

compass tattoo is often regarded as a sign of a traveler but could also symbolize someone who has found their way in life. A small tattoo on the neck works great for men with short hair and offers a subtle way to show off your ink.


2. Gray Rose Tattoo On The Hand

rose men tattoo on the hand

A tattoo on the hand is a bold statement that only a pair of gloves can cover-up.  Something like a classic rose tattoo can symbolize several things depending on the color or number of roses. Often thought of as feminine, roses have been a popular tattoo design choice for men for a long time.


3. Tiny Doves On Fingers

men tattoos on the fingers

Doves are a universal sign of peace and an ever-popular and meaningful tattoo design for both men and women. These tiny tattoos have been growing more and more popular for those who may want to conceal their tattoos or prefer to make a subtle statement. 

A simple tattoo on the finger, on the other hand, offers the best of both worlds. Tiny designs fit perfectly on this much smaller canvas but, at the same time, are nearly impossible to hide.


4. Bow And Arrow On The Tricep

arrow men tattoo design on the arm

This bow and arrow tattoo mixes a couple of very popular trends. Arrows are a simple and refined design, something anyone could wear. The structure of this design features a combination of fine lines and dots, resulting in a detailed piece. The inner part of the tricep creates a more discrete area for tattoos to be worn, but still allows for moments of flaunting.


5. Asian Inspired Dragon And Warrior On The Calf

 dragon and warrior men tattoo design on the leg

Dragons have long been admired for their mysterious nature, strength, wisdom, and power, and are one of the longest-standing popular men tattoos for ages. The combination of the warrior and dragon on this tattoo design symbolizes control over the dragon, conveying great strength and fearsome qualities. 

Tattoos on the calf are intended for display, so a tattoo showing such strength is perfect for this spot.


6. Grove Of Trees On The Bicep

 men nature-inspired arm tattoo

group of pine trees in a peek-a-boo spot on the bicep is a fun tattoo for men and a fashionable call-out for nature-lovers. For men that are avid hikers or adventurers, tattoo designs inspired by nature are growing in popularity. The tattoo position, a little high on the bicep, creates a conceal or reveal ability with the movement of the sleeve.


7. Planets Down The Spine Tattoo Design

planets tattoo designs for men on the back


For the ultimate dreamer, a planet tattoo is a great way to express the desire to explore the unknown.

Beautiful line art with intricate features creates a unique look. The back is another place to conceal a tattoo from the working world but can be easily revealed when wanted.

No matter the design you choose, be sure it speaks to you! Luckily, all the tattoo designs for men featured in the pictures above are available as temporary tattoos too. 

Use a temporary tattoo to express your personality or to test a look you are considering!


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