How To Apply Rub On Transfer Stickers

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To be candid, rub on transfer stickers are beautiful pieces that can add an awesome look to almost anything and everything you apply them on.

Maybe you just got a new furniture, a hard cover book, a washing machine or even a refrigerator. Applying a rub on transfer sticker on those items helps you jazz up their appearance.

The truth is that, with rub on transfer stickers, you can create beautiful designs on any of your items. This provides a focal point of attention to anyone staring at those items.

Obviously, a point to note is that applying rub on transfer stickers creates lots of fun! They are certainly a conversational starter.

But how do you apply these rub on transfer stickers on your items? Don't worry, in this article we will explore how to apply rub on transfer stickers. Let's get started!

How Do You Apply Rub On Transfer Stickers On Your Items?

Applying a rub on transfer sticker on your favorite item actually boosts its appearance. However, it is wise enough to know the best way to do so.

If you apply the stickers in the wrong way, you may actually get yourself laughed off by your friends and associates.

Applying rub of transfer stickers is not difficult, you only need to follow the simple guidelines below:

1. Cut Up The Stickers To Suit Your Project

Basically, rub on transfer stickers can be applied on your item as a whole without necessarily cutting them into sections.

However, depending on the size and dimension of your item, it may be necessary to cut the rub on transfer stickers into sections that perfectly suit the size of your item.

While cutting into sections, you should be very careful to ensure that the various sections when placed together on the item will fit well and form an attractive design as desired.

 Rub On Transfer Stickers

2. Clean And Dry Your Chosen Item

You should ensure that your chosen item is well dried before applying a rub on transfer sticker.

Applying a rub on transfer sticker on a wet surface is similar to collecting water with a woven basket. The sticker will not stay well on the surface and will eventually peel off.

It is also important for the surface to be clean because even the presence of tiny particles on the surface of the chosen item can affect the tendency of the sticker to adhere to the surface.

A dry clean surface is thus important to ensure that your rub on transfer stickers adhere best on your item.

However, the surface of the item doesn't has to be completely smooth, a partially coarse surface can enhance the adhesive forces needed to hold the stickers.

3. Dry A Painted Surface Before Placing The Stickers

If you are placing the rub on transfer stickers on a painted surface, you should ensure that the paint is totally dried before placing the stickers.

Wet paint can affect the adhesion of the rub on transfer stickers. The components of the paint may even react with the adhesives on the surface of the stickers.

For this reason, it is advisable for you to wait for at least 48 hours to ensure that your newly painted item is dried before making attempt to applying the stickers. Don't worry, the time is worth it.

Moreover, for better adherence, we recommend that you apply a sealer over the painted surface before placing your rub on transfer stickers even after the paint is dried.

4. Apply With An Even Pressure

Placing a rub on transfer sticker on the surface of your chosen item requires great concentration and carefulness.

Locate the center of that particular item and gently place your first sticker on the center.

while trying to stick the first sticker at the center, ensure you apply an even pressure all over the sticker to ensure there is no distortion at one side or the other of the sticker.

Once the first sticker is perfectly placed at the center, you can easily line up the successive stickers towards the upper and lower end of the item in a straight line or any pattern you desire.

You should ensure you apply an even pressure throughout each sticker while placing them on the chosen item.

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