Heat Transfer Labels And Its Economic Values

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In this century, we have a lot of products on the market. A brand name helps in distinguishing one product from the other. It will be difficult to distinguish between one product and the other without labeling.

Labeling helps in passing on a piece of cogent information to the consumer. The great importance of labeling cannot be looked down upon. But nowadays, heat transfer labels have gained more light in the garment industry.

In this article, I will take you through the primary things that you need to know about heat transfer labels.

Meaning of Heat Transfer Labels

The heat transfer label can also be referred to as tag-less labels. Just as it sounds, the labels are applied directly on the garment with the use of heat or with a hot pressing made with your home iron.

The heat transfer labels stretch softens and dry with the garment when washed. You won't have any negative reaction to the body once you use the garment. I term it to be a body-friendly label.

Heat Transfer Labels

Fabrics On Which Transfer Labels Can be Used On

Listed below are the materials/garments upon which transfer labels can be used on:

  • Bathrobes
  • Sport wears
  • Jeans
  • Underwears
  • Bags
  • Swimsuits
  • Bedsheets
  • Curtains, and so on

Kinds of clothing labels

There are varieties of labels in the market nowadays but the most trending one is the heat transfer label. I will take you through just three (3) different kinds of labels with their pros and cons.

Heat transfer labels

This is the latest type of label. Most of the time it is printed on paper and later placed on fabrics with high heat. One of its advantages is that it is durable. It saves time and can be easily applied to fabrics. It doesn't wash off easily on fabrics nor does it irritates the skin.

One beautiful thing about this label is that it stretches with the fabric once washed and that is if the fabric is made of stretchy material

Woven labels

Here label details are presented in woven form. But it is best used when the labels are not in a large quantity. It is time-consuming but last longer. It is mostly used for clothes that are made of very high quality i.e it is expensive.

Printed labels

This type of label is printed on a ribbon and sewn to the garment manufacturers want to place it on. More information that should be made known to customers can easily be printed and placed on the cloth.

Heat Transfer Labels

How does heat transfer add economic value to the product?

The heat transfer label is cheaper, saves time, and doesn't get washed off on fabric.

It also elongates the goodwill of a company’s product, customers can easily identify the product which they are opting for from the market even when a competitive company is producing the same wear.

At times consumers are always in a haste to use a particular product. Most especially wears, as listed above. Every garment produced in the market has usage instructions, washing instructions, and so on.

But most consumers see this as an issue. In other to reduce the constraints, nowadays most wears instructions are always written on the other side of the clothes.

Are you in need of a high-quality heat label?

Having a long-lasting label on fabric can be one of the major expectations of a manufacturer and a consumer.

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