Facts You Need To Know About Kraft Paper

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Do you know that the kraft paper was created by Carl F. Dahl in 1880?

There is no denying the fact that global warming is not a prediction anymore but it's impacting people across the globe. Unfortunately, the packaging industry is one of the leading contributors. It has resulted in immense land pollution, waste of resources and energy. Therefore, sustainable packaging is the need of the hour. Hence the use of kraft material is the best option as its 100% recyclable and leads to reduced packaging waste.

Though customers are always looking for the brands that make them feel special. But, at the same time, they are not willing to purchase brands that overlook the environmental impacts of the packaging. Therefore, brands are trying their level best to make their packaging appealing and eco-friendly as well. It is interesting to note that packaging is not only meant to secure the product but serves as a powerful marketing tool.

Well, there is no need to worry because kraft packaging material is the antidote to all your problems. It is amazing to know that it is 100% recyclable. It means that zero pollution, no waste material, and thus keeps the planet healthy and safe. Brands across the globe are incorporating green packaging to increase the worth and credibility of their brand. Moreover, it is a great way of turning prospects into leads. If you need to know more about kraft packaging so keep on reading the following facts:


Safe Transportation:

The primary purpose of packaging is to provide the utmost protection to the product. If the product reaches the customer in damaged form so brands lose their customers. Moreover, it creates a negative impression of the brand and undermines the customers unboxing experience.

Hence the use of kraft material is the best choice because of its tensile strength, durability, and resistance. Its ability to tolerate adverse climatic conditions like heat, moisture, humidity makes it quite popular amongst the customers. Above all, it can bear high pressure thus making it a safe option during transportation, shipping, and stacking. So if you want to maintain the integrity of your product and avoid any kind of damage so kraft packaging is all good to go.



Sustainable packaging is on the rise like never before and it is here to stay. As the customers are becoming environmentally conscious therefore they prefer businesses that care both for the planet and the people. Hence, the use of kraft material is the best option.


Pocket Friendly:

No doubt packaging fuels the purchasing impulse of the customers but it needs to be worth it. The packaging needs to be accessible, easy to handle, and cost-effective to attract customers. The use of kraft is not only pocket but user-friendly as well. When it comes to packaging pricing can’t be overlooked at all.



It is a creative way to bring life to your packaging boxes. The use of customized logos, particular color palettes, and designs are not only aesthetically pleasing to the customers but acts as a powerful marketing tool. Moreover, the use of a matching ribbon, delicate flower, or greeting card is a great way to add value to the packaged product. Hence, the diversity of the kraft boxes makes it a hot selling item as it caters to a plethora of industries.


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