Factors Affecting the Quality of Heat Printed Items

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Heat printed images are water-resistant, heat resistant, and durable.

However, as interesting as that may sound, achieving quality output through heat transfer method of printing is largely dependent on three factors; time, temperature and pressure.

heat transfer


This is the duration in seconds the heat must be applied to the substrate.



This is the ideal/optimum degree of heat at which the design/pattern will be perfectly imprinted on the substrate.



This is the rate of force needed to be exerted when applying the heat on the substrate.

These factors are very germane as each heat transfer material has its unique heat printing requirements and guidelines; hence, to save the garments from been burnt, making recourse to the guidelines is strongly advised.

Some substrate requires special pre-treatment to achieve the best result. For instance, wool fabrics generally undergo a process of chlorination before printing, but most other textile materials require no special pre-treatment before heat printing.

However, it is recommended that you pre-wash and ensure the item you want to print on is clean before you proceed. That is because some textile materials will pull after heat printing as a result of the shrinkage around the printed area when they are washed for the first time.

You don’t have to worry about pre-washing if you are printing on other items such as a bag, because it will have no problem with shrinkage.

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