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Stickers are a fashion product loved by the public. Stickers support printing various pictures and photos on the adhesive-backed paper. Custom stickers are an unconventional, innovative and affordable way to market and promote your business. Custom stickers can stay on items for a long time and are the perfect low-cost, high-profile marketing tactic. Use custom stickers to attract new customers, draw attention to your business, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty! Contact China sticker manufacturer now to start your business innovation journey.


Custom Sticker and Label Solutions

Tattoo Sticker
SKU#: 666-64

Tattoo Sticker

Stencil Sticker
SKU#: 666-63

Stencil Sticker

Nail Sticker
SKU#: 666-61

Nail Sticker

Rub on Stickers
SKU#: 12

Rub on Stickers

Rub On Stickers
SKU#: 12

Rub On Stickers

Types of Custom Printed Stickers HPP Provide

We manufacture custom stickers and labels in a broad range of shapes and sizes with a variety of materials.

1. Die cut sticker

die-cut stickers are individual, customizable stickers that are precision cut to the exact shape of your design. You can stick them to any smooth surface and they will stay beautiful as die-cut stickers are manufactured to be both waterproof and scratch-resistant.

2. Kiss cut sticker

Clear gloss over-laminate protects the printed layer. Custom kiss cut stickers easily peel away from the backing. Nail stickers as the typical kiss-cut stickers, has gradually become one of the main beauty services to the ladies in now a days. 

3. Transfer Sticker

Transfer stickers are mostly used when customers don't want a background on their sticker. These are suitable for indoor & outdoor use and perfect for glass, laptops, cups and windows. Resistant to light scratches, water, and from fading in sunlight. Transfer stickers can resist minor scratches, water and fading in sunlight.

4. Laser Film Sticker 

Viewed from different angles, the entire laser film sticker displays different colors and has a radiation effect.

5. Tattoo Sticker

Tattoo sticker is commonly used for decorating the body. Tattoo sticker turns to a better choice for the people who are uncertain about their tattoo requirements. The process technology of tattoo stickers is water transfer technology. The material of temporary tattoo sticker is mainly composed of water transfer paper, environmentally friendly ink, glue and lamination.

6. Adhesive Sticker

Custom self-adhesive labels can be easily applied to most clean surfaces. Thanks to design flexibility and durability for indoor and outdoor applications. Self-adhesive labels are widely used as food labels, digital labels, etc. For some high security applications, we have safer self-adhesive label substrates that can withstand damage from water, solvents, gasoline, diesel, etc.

Professional Custom Stickers Manufacturer in China

HPP is one of top manufacturers of custom stickers in china, we support several kinds of stickers design and printing from shapes, sizes, colors to applications. We exactly follow the ISO 9001 quality management system, quality and services are the foundation of long-term cooperations. HPP alwasy seeks for continuous, Our custom stickers are suitable for a variety of applications and industries. Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering competitive custom printed stickers and services on time.

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